Lake George Michigan Grocery

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Lake George Grocery has been in the community for over 100 years.
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Pat has been running the store since she purchased it around 1985.
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Aerial view of Lake George and Shingle Lake

The best drink selection in Lake George

We carry the largest variety of beer in town! We know you craft-drinkers love your seasonal beers, so we've always got the latest batch from the best breweries in Michigan. We also have a large supply of the name brands and local favorites. Here are a few of the brands we keep stocked:

Leinenkugels Beer in Lake George


Did you know that Lienenkugel's is famous for it's mixed beers? Check out our Beer Mixology for some of our favorite recipes!

Dark Horse Beer near Lake George

Dark Horse

Lake George gets a lot of visitors from downstate so you bet your britches we stock beer from Dark Horse Brewery.

Lake George Grocery has Founders Beer


Another Michigan favorite, Founders Brewing makes some of the best IPA's and stouts in the entire nation!

Lake George Grocery has Saugatuck Beer


Known for their unique flavors and ingredients, we always have at least one style of Saugatuck on the shelves.

Lake George Grocery has Saugatuck Beer


Two Hearted Ale, Oatsmobile and Oberon have to be some of the best beers ever made, and we've got them!

Mikes, Smirnoff Ice, Busch, and more beer in Lake George

Classic Beer and Drinks

Of course we carry all the classic drinks. From Smirnoff ICIng your bros to the campfire shotgun beers, we've got you covered.

Deep Fried Burger

Deep Fried Burger

Our signature burgers are a local favorite for a reason. With an outside crisp and juicy center, thse burgers are amazing!

Cooper's Chicken


We sell Cooper's Express Chicken. On a stick, as a strip or in a bowl. Whatever your preference, we've got it hot and fresh!

Lake George Catering

Family Meals

Having a party or need dinner for the family? We've got you covered with our family packs and can handle orders for parties of any size!

Fast Food

Fast Food

We can make anything on our menu in a matter of minutes and ready to go. Call ahead or drop in and we'll have your food ready fast!

Snack Food

Snack Food and Sides

Looking for a quick bite or snack? We have lots of sides and finger food available. From fried pickels to mac and cheese, we'll satisfy your craving.

Value Meals and Lunch

Value Meals and Lunches

Need a full belly on your lunch break? Don't settle for mediocre, get a well rounded value meal of chicken or try our signature deep fried burger!

Variety of food Options

The Pete and Pat Variety

Pete loves to cook. Want to change it up and try something new? Give us a call and ask for Pete. He's a master at whipping up something new and tasty!

Direction to Lake George, MI

Lake George Grocery

304 Lake George Ave
Lake George, MI 48633

(989) 588-4709

Directions to the Grocery

Lake George is a small town, with one main road going north and south. We're the green building located halfway down this road on the east side, just south of the railroad tracks.

If you need directions to Lake George or our grocery, feel free to give us a ring: (989) 588-4709.

We Deliver!

Give us a call if you need delivery and we'll try to accommodate your needs! We primarily service just the township, but we're willing to make exceptions and try to help out anyone in the community.